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about lowercase

Founded by Tate Watson and Sam Taylor, lowercase is an expression of what we value – quality materials from sustainable sources, traditional woodworking techniques that ensure longevity and a design ethos that focuses on enduring appeal.

We make the things that we want in our own home. It’s our hope that these pieces will resonate with you and establish themselves in your space for years to come.


About us

Meet the maker

Every piece of lowercase furniture is designed and made by Tate. With a background in building, Tate developed a passion for joinery and traditional woodworking techniques before making the move to furniture design.

These days, you'll find him at our workshop full-time, sketching, chiselling and tinkering — usually covered in sawdust.

Tate WatsonDesigner + Maker

Say hello to the "admin lady"

Forever focused on functionality, Sam is the sounding board for all the designs around here.

In between her outside work, Sam is the hype-girl for lowercase. You'll find her managing the website and social channels, taking care of the inbox and chasing leads (or whatever it is that marketing types do).

Sam TaylorMarketing
our space

Part minifactory, part art studio, our space is also home to local artists, Finn Gerry Wilson and Marcus Watson. Wesley and Griffin are also residents here, but mostly they just come for the pats.